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Pallet Racking

The most universal system for direct and single access to each pallet. The optimal solutions for those warehouses with palletised products and a wide variety of SKUs.

The working aisle measurement between each rack and the rack height depends upon the characteristics of the forklift .trucks or lifting devices, pallet size and the height of the warehouse itself.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors take maximum advantage of the height of premises, doubling or tripling the surface area and enabling it to be fitted out as a storage area, changing room, or offices, etc.


  • Quick to assemble, clean and easy.
  • Multiplies surface space in industrial premises.
  • Adaptable to the specific needs of the client, thanks to the great variety of sizes available, types of floors, construction systems, etc.

This storage system maximize the warehouse storage space. It is the ideal option for large amount of pallet storage. (LIFO - FIFO) 

Galvanized Pallet Racking System is perfect for humid places such as Cold room, Kitchen, etc. 

Resistant to oxidizing. Due to its perferated structure, this system is ideal for industrial cold rooms (+4 to -27 degrees) as cold air is able to circulate in order to maximize freezing temperature.